Woman says her NY teacher groomed her for sex in high school



A 28-year-old woman is alleging that her former coach and teacher at a Long Island high school groomed her for sex as a young teen, according to a viral Instagram post.

Brittany Rohl, who now lives in of Florida, says in the post — which was also a letter to the Babylon Board of Education — that a former educator at the town’s high school first targeted her when she was just 16.

“Grooming children affects their ability to consent as ‘adults,’” Rohl wrote. “He waited for the week of my 18th birthday to have sex with me, and he later went to great pains to dispose of evidence.”

Brittany Rohl
The teacher allegedly told Rohl that they should “be dating” during her senior year.

The allegations come as another Babylon teacher was recently booted from the school for unspecified indiscretions, according to News12 Long Island.

Rohl told the outlet in an interview that she felt compelled to come forward after hearing about the removal.

“I want to reduce some of the shame of coming forward for other people,” she later told The Post.

Rohl, who graduated from the school in 2011, said the teacher, who was his mid-thirties at the time, showed her special attention to gain her trust.

Brittany Rohl
Rohl alleges the grooming started at Babylon High School when she was 16.

The accused “started to isolate me and make me feel special by telling me I was ‘overlooked’ and that he was the only one who appreciated me in track as well as academics,” she wrote.

During her senior year, the teacher gave Rohl an A- in a class so “it wouldn’t look suspicious” and “continued the narrative that the school was incompetent at getting me prepared for college and that he was the only one capable of ensuring my success,” Rohl asserted.

The teacher later told her that they should “be dating” during her senior year before becoming more explicit, Rohl said.

“He sat me down on the bleachers at the football field and told me that he wanted to take my virginity,” she wrote in the post, adding that he said he wanted to wait until after she turned 18.

At some point in the week after her 18th birthday in August 2011, Rohl said the teacher drove to her house and they had sex for the first time.

“I didn’t feel I could say no,” she said.

Their interactions continued after she enrolled in Fordham University, according to Rohl’s post, which was submitted to the Babylon school this week in letter form.

The teacher closely monitored her social interactions at the school and warned her against drinking because she would be “violently raped” by someone.

Rohl wrote the suffocating dynamic took a heavy emotional toll and that she lived in fear of his wife and their Long Island community finding out about the relationship.

Brittany Rohl
Brittany Rohl alleges that the male teacher told her “he wanted to take [her] virginity.”

Her post states that their relations eventually faded but that the psychological damage endured.

“I want to show the slow, insidious process of what grooming a minor at Babylon High School looks like,” she wrote.

“This person is a former employee,” the district representative told News12. “As we receive information, we will provide to outside special counsel who will be looking into the matter and updating the Board of Education and superintendent.”


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