Tucker Carlson ‘never figured out’ critical race theory



Critical race theory was the topic on Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday, as the host sat down with Fox News senior political analyst, Brit Hume, to discuss how much of a factor it was in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race in Virginia.

Carlson said that there’s no question that the backlash surrounding the hot-button topic was a major factor in Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Democratic hopeful Terry McAuliffe to become the next Governor of Virginia. But Hume said it was because of people on the left.

“You have people on the left, some, you know, chin pullers saying, ‘Well, it was the Republicans who injected race into the selection.’ Baloney,” Hume said. “Critical race theory injects race into the lives of our schoolchildren.”

And with others in the media having recently accused Fox News of helping Republican candidates build a platform on critical race theory by discussing it so frequently, Carlson actually had a confession to make.

“I have never figured out what critical race theory is, to be totally honest, after a year of talking about it,” Carlson said. “They’re teaching that some races are morally superior to others. That some are inherently sinful and some are inherently saintly, and that it is immoral to teach that because it is wrong. That would be my view, and I think most voters’ view.”

And while education was clearly a driving force in Youngkin’s victory, much of the debate has been over whether critical race theory is even taught in Virginia. Which is something that Hume seemingly had an answer for.

“You can say technically, Tucker, it’s not being taught in the sense — volumes have been written on critical race theory and it’s not been handed out as a textbook. But its influence and its tenets are in those schools.”

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