Supreme Court justices hear oral arguments over restrictive Texas abortion law




As mandate kicks in, ranks of unvaccinated New York police, firefighters dwindle

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared his coronavirus vaccination order for emergency responders a success on Monday, with no disruption to city services, despite a sickout by some firefighters who officials said were protesting the mandate. The mayor’s Oct. 20 order, which police and firefighter union leaders said would cause staff shortages, led to an 11th-hour rush of inoculations that shrank the ranks of the unvaccinated as officials in the largest U.S. city began enforcing the mandate on Monday morning. The vaccination rate for city’s workforce of 378,000 employees, including teachers, corrections officers and other city workers who faced previous orders, rose to at least 91% over the weekend from 86% on Thursday, de Blasio said.


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