Glenn Close offers Mahershala Ali the deal of a lifetime in moving sci-fi drama ‘Swan Song’



If you were dying and someone offered you a chance to make it easier on the people you love, would you take it? That’s the hard-hitting question asked in Apple TV’s newest original film Swan Song, which premieres on the streaming service and in theaters Dec. 17th.

Swan Song looks at the world in the near future — a world where Cameron Turner (two-time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali) is dying of a terminal illness. The devoted father-to-be and husband can’t bear to tell his family the news, not wanting to shatter their happiness. So his doctor, Dr. Scott (Glenn Close), offers him what seems like the perfect solution: the chance to swap out his real self with a version that can “take over.”

This Cameron Turner, according to Dr. Scott, has been fully implanted with the memories, subconscious, and mannerisms of the original, ensuring that no one would ever know the difference between the two men. It’s a tempting offer and one that seems too good to be true, as the moving trailer details Cameron’s struggle with the decision through snippets of the important relationships in his life.

Swan Song Mahershala Ali and Glenn Close

Swan Song Mahershala Ali and Glenn Close

Apple TV + Glenn Close and Mahershala Ali sharing an emotional moment in ‘Swan Song.’         

The film, which marks Ali’s first movie role since 2019’s Alita: Battle Angel, also reunites the actor with his Moonlight costar Naomie Harris who plays Cameron’s soulmate and wife Poppy.

Also starring Adam Beach (Power of the Dog) and Awkwafina, Swan Song was written and directed by Academy Award winner Benjamin Cleary (Stutterer) and produced by Ali, Adam Shulman, Jacob Perlin, Jonathan King, Rebecca Bourke, and Mimi Valdés. The movie is the latest offering from Apple Original Films to focus on a futuristic type of storyline, as Tom Hanks’ apocalyptic survival story Finch is set to arrive on the streaming service this week. 

Watch the trailer for Swan Song below.

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